Why Education without discrimination is also my business?

Why Education without discrimination is also my business?


De ce discriminarea in educatie este si treaba ta

photo credit © Odeta Catana

The textbooks influence exclusion and discrimination in education. There are important realities about minorities in Romania and their contribution to what Romania has become and means that we should have learned in school, but we haven’t. And the students today still don’t learn about them.

We want that human rights, nondiscrimination, diversity, equal treatment and inclusion become frequent topics of discussion when it comes to the educational system and we want them integrated in the textbooks and the parents’, students’and teachers’ discourse.

(photography of the project "Lagarele de langa tine")

Education without discrimination is also my business!

You are interested in what happens in schools, in Romania. You want a change. Let’s generate real and fact-based debates with all the actors involved in education about how inclusive education should look like and the role that the community around school should have, about how children are educated in schools in relation to nondiscrimination.

If we want a democratic country, free of racism, sexism, homophobia, a country that does not exclude people with disabilities, people of an ethnicity other than Romanian ethnicity or just people different in general, if we want a country where everybody may have a chance, education is the main field of action. It’s high time to be interested in what textbooks promote, whether or not the teachers and the system are ready to include and accommodate difference and not to exclude it, if all these lead to a democratic society where the supreme value is the human dignity of each and every one of us.