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School and Education about Rights, by Camelia Proca

School and Education about Rights In 1995, when I was an exchange student in the United States of America, “Night”, the book by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, was the first mandatory reading for the English class in the Sophomore Year. We also were guided to the library to search for other books…
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#inhighschool: LGBT student in Romania, mission impossible?

#inhighschool: LGBT student in Romania, mission impossible? A year ago I started working on an almost impossible research, trying to find out how LGBT students live and learn in Romanian highschools. Many educational professionals told us that such students simply don’t exist; our youth are definitely heterosexuals, except maybe for those who are not sufficiently…
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Roma Slavery. Have you learned about that in school?

The Roma people came to Romanian territory in the 14th century as free people, but here they were enslaved for almost 500 years. Have you learned about that in school? The fist document stating the Roma slavery dates back to October 3rd, 1385. Slavery on Romanian territories lasted until mid-19th century when – due to…
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