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What Do We Need to Know about Rights?

What Do We Need to Know about Rights? Today as I am writing these lines it is the 10th of December, the International Day for Human Rights. We remember the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first international regulation – established by the United Nations – from which any human being should benefit. Two days…
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Human Rights Education

Human Rights Education: a Reflection Through Three Question Marks The United Nations (UN) named the 1995-2004 decade the decade for human rights education. Since then, the UN agencies have dedicated resources for the development of action plans and recommendations to encourage states to develop educational programs, both textbooks and school programs and non-formal education projects,…
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We must have gender education in school

We must have gender education in school “He who doesn't know history is doomed to repeat it.” That’s how George Santayana (1863-1952) bluntly formulates one of the foundations for which students and teachers must study certain topics. In the same manner, for example, it was reasoned to enrich the American and Anglo-Saxon curriculum with a…
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